What's Proof of Weak Hands 3D?

Proof of Weak Hands 3D

PowH3D is a Tokenized Three-Dimensional Economy Simulation Project That Runs Entirely Off the Ethereum Blockchain via a Smart Contract.

A Smart Contract designed to be a smart place to have your Ethereum passively generate income while you sit back and worry about other things.

How Does PoWH3D Work?

Proof of Weak Hands 3D

Every buy, sell and transfer transaction is taxed 10%. The collected taxes are split as Ethereum (ETH) between all P3D token holders, including you. This means that 10% of all trading volume our cryptocurrency (P3D) ever experiences is set completely aside for token holders as ETH. The more tokens you hold, the more ETH you receive. This entirely new dimension to trading had users averaging between 0.5% to 2% in daily returns with last week's volume! Withdraw whenever you'd like, it's run and managed entirely by the Ethereum Smart Contract Blockchain. Proof of Weak Hands 3D is completely decentralized and human entities can't shut it down.

Proof of Weak Hands 3D


It's Open Source

Every Ethereum transaction is handled by a piece of unchangeable Blockchain programming known as a Smart-Contract. Your hard-earned ETH is managed by an algorithmic robot accountant running on the decentralized Ethereum Blockchain network.

Smart Exchange

Smart Exchange

To facilitate a smooth entry into this autonomously managed dividend insanity, we've created our own decentralized exchange. Trade and track your tokens automatically. Track the token's trade volume and your projected income from exchange fees.


Supply = Value

For each P3D token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH. When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less.


Back At Cha Earnings

When P3D token holders get weak hands and sell their P3D tokens back to the contract, there is a 10% exchange fee that's given only to token holders. Anyone who owns tokens get a personal cut of every weak handed trade given "right back at cha."


P3D Staking

Hold 5 P3D tokens and qualify as a masternode. You receive a unique link to our website that the smart contract recognizes. Anyone buying into the contract via your link has 33% of all fees they would otherwise pay into the contract directed to you instantly.


Withdraw Anytime

Withdraw your earnings anytime you want. The smart contract holds all Ethereum ever put into purchasing your P3D tokens and will gleefully give you all of the Ethereum value you are owed whenever you want to withdraw your earnings or dump your tokens.


3D Speculation

Instead of simply playing with price over time like most crypto, we've added volume to the mix. Hodl finally might be a good long-term idea. (Instead of why you're down 50%) Stated another way, you win when you hold on tight to your P3D tokens.


Designed To Run Forever

The entire system is completely without human interaction, self governed, and executed by the collective Ethereum Blockchain. Masternodes even add a per-user profitable expansion system allowing the contract to run as long as there are interested players.

How To Get Started?

Simple! Please watch the video "Tutorials" below in turn. Then click on the "Get Your PD3 Tokens Now" button. You will be earning in no time!

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